Theatron Project

For the Theatron-Project, the most influential European theatre buildings are modeled in 3D and then put into an interactive multimedia presentation, together with collected background information, such as drawings, texts, theatre pieces, films, video clips and photographs etc. The resulting software mainly serves the purpose of research and teaching theatre architecture to universities. Apart from the architectural and stage design components, the connected social and technical matters are being explored to give a valid overall picture of theatre from the early beginnings until today. Furthermore, this enables the interested public to gain fascinating insights into the development of theatre architecture. Last, but not least, the 3D-Model serves the theatres for self-portrayal and as a tool for designing new stage sets.

The project is being financially supported by the European Commission, by the Directorate-General XIII, Telematics Applications for Education, Training and Research Networks under the ESPRIT Programm.

The Theatron-Project has been founded by Theatron Ltd. and atelier4d-Architekten together with the University of Warwick, UK. It is being realised by a consortium of international experts. Part of the consortium are the Universities of Warwick, UK, Amsterdam, NL and Ferrara, IT, the foundation of Heritage Skills, Strasbourg, FR, the SPC Multimedia Group, NL, Theatron Ltd., UK and atelier4d-Architekten.

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